Quarter Sheet

Quarter Sheet

Code: 7028


A Curvon Quarter Sheet is the stylish and practical way of keeping a horse's vital kidney area warm during cold weather riding. They can be made from any of three qualities of cooler fabric. The choice of fabric and color combination is up to you.

The fit has been improved by adding a contoured rump and macrame tailcord.
Also the area underneath the front of the saddle has been reinforced with Baker Blanket fabric to prevent any possibility of premature wear.

Whether you choose our Traditional Style or European Style is a matter of personal preference.

Fabric Choices:

Coolerfleece (100% Polyester)
This groundbreaking fabric offers the hi-tech approach to cooling out a horse. It's as warm as wool, yet lighter in weight. It doesn't shrink or lose its shape, even under the most difficult conditions. It is machine washable and air dries in just minutes. You'll find it to be far stronger than any other cooler you may have used until now; they'll last for years!

PEERLESS QUALITY (80% Wool/20% Nylon, Woven)
This is the most popular wool-blend cooler sold in this country. Blending the wool with acrylic fibers does two very important things. First, it makes for a much stronger cooler than the id entical all-wool product would be. Secondly, the acrylic fibers help to minimize shrinkage in the cooler. Woven to last for years.

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